I am Adel Uviase. An Author and Certified Motivation Coach

Author | Certified Motivation Coach

About me

I am a professional life coach and trainer with an original love for nature, people and training. See how I can help you become a better version of yourself.

In recent years I have explored the topic of motivation and also is an author of the inspiring book O’ Boy – Be Obedient to Your Vision. .




O’Boy: Be Obedient To Your Vision

A truly inspiring story for all teenagers. The book charts Adels early years. The book charts Adel’s early years, growing up without a father figure in Ghana, to missing out on life changing opportunities by sheer bad luck, yet each setback merely spurred him on to achieve greater goals.

Packed with motivational quotations as well as incredible life events, O’Boy sets out to raise the self-esteem of young people and put them on the right path to accomplish all they want from life.